Sunday, 9 February 2014

FOTO distributes100 packages in January!

2014 began on a high note for Friends of the Old, following a funding boost thanks to partners Solar Cookers International.

Starting January 2014, distribution of safe water packages increased to 100 recipients every month, up from 50 previously. One hundred household received safe water packages in January. The solar cookit will enable them to cook food and pasteurize water using renewable solar energy. Safe water pots will help recipients store drinking water, keeping it safe from contamination. Lastly, the upesi jiko and fireless cooker will minimize the use of firewood, saving costs and helping in environmental conservation. 

50 January Safe Water Package recipients (Nyalunya location) in a group photo

Also thanks to Solar Cookers International, starting January, Friends of the Old is currently conducting solar cooking demos in all the twelve locations of Lower Nyakach. Big crowds attend these events, which attest to widespread interest and curiosity in solar cooking. FOTO hopes to improve the adaptation of solar cooking in villages through these demonstrations.

Tasty: some foods solar-cooked at the distribution event

The current phase of funding will enable Friends of the Old to distribute safe water packages until June 2014. On behalf of the grateful recipients in Lower Nyakach, FOTO thanks Solar Cookers International for their generous funding towards this life-changing intervention.

Senior citizens taste solar-cooked food

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