Thursday, 25 April 2013

Floods hit West Nyakach

Heavy rains in Kenya have resulted in countrywide flooding, including in Nyakach. Houses were damaged and livestock lost in the floods.

Many inhabitants of West Nyakach moved to a nearby primary school where a temporary camp was set up to house them. Friends of the Old (FOTO) visited the camp and donated Waterguard, which they can use to purify their drinking water during these hard times. (Much of the flood water is contaminated and potentially disease-causing.)

Some eager recipients
 Through the generosity of International Water and Health Alliance, FOTO was able to provide Waterguard to the camp dwellers.

Happy young ones
Needless to say, more needs to be done for flood victims besides Waterguard provision; however, FOTO's resource capacity is insufficient to meet such massive challenges comprehensively.

On behalf of Lower Nyakach residents, FOTO would like to thank IWHA and all other donors, who fund interventions that enhance their lives in a variety of ways
Thank you IWHA!