Tuesday, 5 February 2013

FOTO distributes Waterguard in Nyakach

 Friends of the Old distributed 4,800 bottles of Waterguard in Nyakach in January. Thanks to the generous funding of International Water and Health Alliance (IWHA) and individual donors, four hundred bottles were distributed in each of the twelve locations.
Something to smile about

Waterguard, a water treatment chemical that eliminates E.coli and makes water safe for drinking, is distributed every month. This has reduced incidences of typhoid, cholera and other waterborne diseases.

Something to take home

FOTO appreciates the funding facilitated by International Water and Health Alliance and private donors such as Larry (New York), Valerie (Sacramento), Dorah (Sacramento), Cary and Gary (Sacramento), and Jim and Nancy (Sacramento) who made January's distribution possible.

Happy, shy, happy

Other activities of Friends of the Old in Nyakach include WASH training, safewater packages distribution and distribution of certified seeds. Donor funding makes all these possible.

FOTO distributes 30 safe water packages: Rang'ul Location

Thirty residents of Rang'ul Location recieved safe water packages on January 2013 thanks to funding from Solar Cookers International.

A safe water package includes Solar Cookit set, safe water pot (with tap and lid) and a pot stand, a hay basket (fireless cooker) and a fuel-saving stove (Upesi jiko). These items will help the beneficiaries to pasteurize, store and drink safe water.

Beneficiaries expressed gratitude and commended Friends of the Old for the generous work. All credit goes to Solar Cookers International .

GROUP PHOTO: Their smiles say it all